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September 3, 2014

Dear Families,

We have had a wonderful start to the school year.  As always, we enjoy seeing children from past years and hearing about their summer adventures.  We have also had several new children and we are enjoying getting acquainted.   Yesterday and today, the children have been joyful in meeting teachers for the first time, connecting with old friends, and exploring classrooms and specialists’ spaces.  Of course, kindergarten has a special place in my heart because everything is so new and exciting.  This is the first year that I do not have a child in school – the last one graduated in May and I am a little sad (and financially relieved!).    I clearly remember my children getting on the school bus to go to kindergarten for the first time with fondness; even they have clear memories from kindergarten.  The delight and curiosity of kindergarten students is a wonderful reminder of what school should be for everyone.

We are settling into our schedules and routines and are thrilled with how your children are adapting.  We are aware that it takes work to shake off the summer habits (I am not a natural morning person!) and we thank you for helping your children get to school on time, do their homework and pack necessary items each day. 

We are again starting school at 8:25 and opening the doors at 8:20.  The most significant change you may notice is that safeties will be excused at 8:25 (but the doors will be unlocked) because some may have an 8:30 special subject.  The specials are starting a little earlier this year to accommodate the scheduling need for the 21st classroom. 

I am including the reminders about our security system for anyone who is new:

  • Although the main entrance is by the gym, we know that it would be more convenient for parents entering the school during the day to use the playground door.  Feel free to do so! 
  • Try to be aware of standing where the camera can capture your image.  If we recognize you, we will be likely to just buzz you in rather than speak with you.   The buzz is actually a “click”, but if you know it is there, you should hear it.
  • The doors on the blacktop are programmed to open at 8:20 and lock at 8:40.  All other doors remain locked throughout the day.
  • Please sign in and get a visitor’s badge.  We have several new staff members and they are still not familiar with all parents. 
  • If you are coming during the day to drop something off, feel free to ask the office to send it to your child. 


            Back to School Night

Save the date:  Back to School Night is scheduled for September 9.  Flyers will go home this week with the schedule.  


           Cabot community supper

 The supper is just around the corner on Sept. 16th from 5:00-7:00.  Please come for dinner; you can bring a picnic or buy pizza there.  The PTO always arranges for fun events for parents and children and we always take over the whole Cabot Field.  Hope to see you there.


All the best,